Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Sunday afternoon

We really do live here! Pinch me, please!

Last week we took a walk to see Clover. Clover is the pig that we found down at the old English plantation ruins. Someone keeps a bunch of pigs there and some are penned and some are roaming freely (who decides that?)She is tied up to a tree and wags her tail every time we see her. Adorable! Can you say Babe? Oh, so cute. Smelly, but oh so cute. We took her some delicious food like banana peels, rinds, sour almond milk, stale bread, and even an avocado pit, which she crunched on like an Atomic Fireball.

Sophia is holding her second-grade class mascot, Spunky the monkey, whom we keep forgetting to include in the photos. Spunky really liked the pigs.

Clover has neighbors, a couple of pens of little piglets. They are not the usual variety either. They have long furry ears, and I discovered months ago when I chanced upon them while taking a run in the countyside, that if you scare them, they will all squeal unanimously and jump up, all fours in the air, at the same time. It is one of the funniest things ever and I hope to capture it on video! This pig won't be wooed.

After our noses could take the foul smell no longer, we headed down the hill to the coast.

Everyone, meet Frances! This our our adorable niece who came to stay with us for about 6 months for the island experience (ya, mon). We waited until she settled into take her to see smelly pigs. She first had to get used to chickens everywhere and goats standing on walls and buildings and donkeys braying first thing in the morning. AND she had to slap a cow at least twice before we would take her to this place. I would say she has adjusted heartily and is now part of the familia. She even smells like us now.

This was meant to be the family picture. Charles ruined it with his usual antics.

And this is Charles' favorite photo. He made me take it. It captured his attention as he was running down the trail and he spent at least 15 minutes analyzing and admiring it. Can you tell what it is?

Overlooking the beautiful Carribean coastline

OK, anyone remember the most recent Pride and Prejudice film? You didn't have to have seen it 148 times like I did to remember Keira Knightly standing on a cliff just like this. I made Frances do this. Let me emphasize, for her sake, that this was entirely MY idea. I think it captures her lovely British-romantic-countryside self. Besides, I may need to use it someday, like when I need a favor from her, or maybe at her wedding.

Another try at a family photo, and Sophia decides to wear her batman mask, Ethan tries unsuccessfully to hide the stick he used to prod cows and his siblings along the path, and Charles whistles on a blade of grass (or perhaps he is trying to hide a finger in the nose). Mission aborted.

By the time you are in junior high school, posing for a photo is absolutely ridiculous. But I got a little smile out of him anyway

This is most of the tiny island!

Spunky meets the pigs

Finally, a winner! The only reason it worked is because I promised to take Charles back to his favorite site of the day if he would keep his tongue inside Mr. Mouth.

Anyone guess what it was that so captured his attention? It was....(drumroll , please) a cow patty with mushrooms growing in it! Fascinating!

Charles heading down the path to the glorious shroom-patty

Are they gone yet? (snort snort)


  1. Ha, ha! I love the cow patty. There are all sorts of fun things you can do with those...

  2. Love the Pride & Prejudice family pix. Glad you are so adventurous and having such a good time. Hugs!

  3. O M Gosh. I want it! I want it ALL! {mostly I want you BACK here but .....}

    Sophia - what are you feeding her? She looks 13!

    I think you should have a "spunky" in your backyard when you return. I'm thinkin' .... [eggs and bacon!].

    You're the best. LOVE - LOVE - l o v e the photo well for lack of better way to describe - their butts down the hillish mountain. Awesome.

  4. I LOVE the pictures!!!!! What a beautiful place!!!

  5. Wow, I found your post (and loved it) while I was searching for information about blue beads. I sailed to Statia in 2006 and would looove to return. Any teaching jobs there?

    Enjoy your stay. What a wonderful opportunity to experience what is my favourite island - even though I live on a beautiful island in New Zealand - Waiheke.