Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Bus Necessary

Sooo, this is Sophia. I want to tell you about my walk to school. Sooo, usually I meet a goat on the way. Chickens too! sometimes I meet a few donkeys and cows, like in the picture. It's dusty so if it rains I might not get to go to school!!!!!Ummmm, walk down the big side of the mountain. we can see the ocean.Yep.

Steel Pan!

few weeks ago there was the inauguration of a new island governor. As it happens, there was quite a celebration. All of the kids except Charles got to play steel pans. Charles just went for the free food.

On our way to the concert. Charles gets the easy ride, as usual.

Charles with his friend from Colorado, Rowan, and two strangers, Ginger Rogers and Flavor FLAVE!!!!

Rowan was the only other American boy on the island besides Sammy who is 13. Rowan was here for 6 months and now is gone. Charles will be mourning his friend for a long time! Chip and island friends: Medani, Salahuddin, and Ibrahim.

This video is for Sophia's third grade teacher, Mrs. Goshert! It is the Statia national anthem

Between the deep blue ocean
And the Caribbean sea
Where the waves are all in motion
Lies a pearl so dear to me
From quill to little mountain
From Venus to White Wall
Long ago a golden fountain, once a diamond waterfall
Golden rock I'll always miss you
When I am far from here
Never ever forget you
Wheresoever I may be