Monday, May 10, 2010

Queen got some amazing drummers to celebrate her day

For anyone who has lived on Statia, you know that there are only two events in the year that start on time. The first is Statia Day, where the cannons are fired from the fort and three flags (Statia, The Netherlands, and the Antilles flags) go up at precisely 6AM.

The other is the Queen's Birthday. Ditto Statia Day, minus the cannons. Everything else starts anywhere from 1-3 hours late. If you think I am joking, ask me when I get back how long we waited for the fundraiser last July to start. Sophia was doing a cultural dance and was told to be there at 7PM. We rushed to get her there and were astonished that the stage was not even set up. This pattern continued until we finally caught on and realized that "Be there at 4:30" really actually means "Get there around 6. If you're busy doing something else, then just come when it's convenient. We'll wait for you to get here to start" . I do not exaggerate. When the school Christmas program came around, 7PM start time at the community center, angels were barely rolling out of the family car in the parking lot a 7:45, johnnycakes in hand, moseying to the back stage.

Finally, Statia Day, in November, we decided NOT to rush around like crazy people at 5 AM to get to the fort at 6:Am, where were were all playing our instruments with the steel pan and other band. We arrived at approximately 6:04, Certain that we were complete fools. Indeed we were, but not for the reason we thought. They had actually started ON TIME.

We were sure to arrive on time for the queens birthday. Kids get 5 days off for her royal highness' Queen Beatrix' birthday. Now how is that possible? For my birthday I don't get 5 days off! I want to be queen!