Monday, July 27, 2009


Attention! Attention! Oh my, it has been brought to my attention by a VIP that our address may need to be altered. It is with horror that I was recently informed that if you don't put "Dutch Caribbean" at the bottom of the address then some brainless postal workers actually send the mail to HOLLAND. I regret if anyone has sent something, namely chocolate, jelly bellies, and expensive jewels, and we have not received it. I understand that sometimes it does actually get here, but since it gets routed to Europe first, it could take a very, very long time. DO know, that a letter with cash did arrive however without the bottom line, so maybe if the planets are lined up correctly there won't be an interruption....

So here is our address for anyone who cares to send a letter:

ED Packard
Sint Eustatius
Netherlands Antilles

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Attention Bored People and Competitors of a Hungry Kind

Ok, all you competitors, here is an exciting afternoon activity for you! I thought I would let you examine the list of items for contribution to the Goldenrock Elementary School Picnic. Spellings have been typed as written on the form.

This delicious cheesecake was NOT on the list of items to contribute, but I think every post needs a photo or no one will read it...

See how many you recognize and report back. Please include specifics on how you think it must be made, as in, don't say macaroni pie is pie made out of macaroni. No smart alecs will be be considered for prizes! That means you, Dave! Winner will be announced in an upcoming post, and the prize will be.....TBA!

1. Bami

2.Spare Ribs

3. Goatmeat

4. Potato salad (a freebie)


6. Pastechi

7. Bitterball

8. Stuffed eggs

9. Nasi

10. Baked chicken leg

11. Macaroni pie

12. Peas and Rice (and you must specify what KIND of peas...)

13. pick in the blanket

14. Croquette

Good luck and happy eating~
Now get going, Kim!