Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Venus Bay

It was time for another weekend hike and campout to Venus Bay. Ed takes the kids every few months for a short hike and campout on the other side of the island. I decided to accompany them this time, at least for the hike part. It turned out to be a spectacular place on the island rarely visited! View of the quill from the opposite side of the island. Yep, that's it. that's the entire island!We have many choices...all lead to water.....
Note the sign Ed stands by, one announcing the presence of the Antillean iguana. These are rare iguanas only found on a few islands, and Statia is one. We see them occasionaly around the island or at the dive shop.The start of the hike to Venus BayCharles wants us to follow him to see his new treasure

What is it, Charles? Eeeeeeeeew, again?Arrival at Venus Bay. There is nothing there except the bay itself. Ed and the boys strung up some fisherman's nets that washed ashore the last time they were there and made hammocks out of them. Otherwise sleeping on those rocks is pretty brutal. I don't sleep there....I hike back home, have a hot shower, curl up with a good book, and sleep in my own bed.

Sophia and Guenie search for treasures not of the bovine type.
I got a little crazy with the camera and took some individual photos
The corner of the bay there were some wicked waves that nearly tossed us off of the rocks.
A little calmer here

To build a fire
All the girls and friends too
Aaaaar, me buckos!

What is this girl doing?
Three amigo-pirates

Shucks, it's already time to go home.


  1. YEA!! Do you know I check this blog of your hmmmm about every two days for new Packard info?!!!! Love the photos. Soooooo beautiful. Love the photo of Charles [4th one down in my fav].

  2. thanks Emily! I really have been only posting about once a month, but I have some catch up to do and will post another in a few days. Can you believe we are home in 5 months already?

  3. Can I believe it? Can I believe it?
    Heck ya!!! :) CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

    Ummmmm, want a running buddy? ;)

  4. Great photos Laura. Love them. Miss emailing you and catching up and taking notes for you in church. Miss you guys.

  5. That is just beautiful, awsome, cool, fun, WOW....What a GREAT experience!!!