Friday, January 1, 2010

A really bad fall and a really great aunt

Poor Charles, always in a predicament. After a terrible fall face-down onto a jagged rock from the huge tree in our backyard, his little face looked something like this:

Cheerful little guy trying to smile:

We are glad that our dutch neighbor is a doctor and that he was working in the yard when it happened. It was frankly a miracle that he did no more damage than he did. His gums got the most damage, but the nose didn't even break and he lost no teeth!

It is amazing how quicky children's cells recover. Within one week he looked like this:

I am taking advantage of this to post a photo of my new, adorable sister-in-law, Annie. Annie married my brother Jon recently and they came for a visit. Annie is a kindergarten teacher and clearly a serious kid magnet. Charles couldn't stay away from her the whole week. The funny thing is, Annie didn't even have to try! He followed her around, did what she did, ate what she ate, and rode in her car wherever she went. He tried to be subtle about his affection, but his efforts to hide it made it even more charming. When she had to leave, he refused to go to the airport because he said he didn't want to cry. But he went, and he did sob. It was oh-so-sweet. For a boy who is ordinarily only drawn to men, Annie was a real exception. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou Jon!

Annie is fab-u-LOSA!


  1. Laura,
    Charles looks AWFUL!!! did that scare you to death? Sonja says she misses you all, it has been a little bit tough with the transition back to "real" life. Darn. But there is still plenty of sand left in her hair, it doesn't seem to wash out very well, it's stuck under some braids. Funny.

  2. Hola!

    Hey this is Megan! I am going to Cimi this week on the 13th~15th! It is going to be so much fun! I wish I could be there with you guys! I miss you guys! And poor Charles looks horrible! Sophia Hi! I will talk to you guys later! See You Soon!

    Megan Kauffman!

  3. Laura, I haven't read your blog for months. I think I forgot how to get to it. But I just read lots of your posts and was most entertained! It's fun to see the similar surroundings of Statia and St. Kitts. We're going to visit A&J in March. Abby's friend says a boat goes from Kitts to Statia the last Sunday of the month, then back that night. We'll be there in the middle of the month, so it won't work for us to see you. Darn!

  4. OK-I wasn't going to post about this but ----- you know Amy Godfrey?!?!?! OMGosh. 7th ward - duh. I love her. So bummed I am just NOW finding your blog. But at least I'm just now finding your blog. YEA!!!

  5. Emily, it's so great to find you on here! I just stumbled on your blog a couple of days ago. Yeah, Laura and I were in a post-7th ward (Glen Lakes) RS presidency together until she had the nerve to move to your side of town. And who could have come up with this scenario? Laura and Abby are living on neighboring islands in the West Indies! We would have laughed at that notion back in the day.