Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving at the QUEENS

We love our friends the Queens! Whenever they are in town there is never a dull moment. This posting for our Thanksgiving day is a little late, but not forgotten. We had a wonderful time with our island friends there that day, eating, playing , talking and laughing.

Tennis courts on the Queens property. It kept everyone busy for hours.
Wim helping charles with his forehand
The Adorable Nikki, Sophia's dear friend.
Kai, Ethan, Charles, Maggie, and "little" Sam, chillin' on the deck. Check out the view of the island.
Buffets are not an American thing, even though Thanksgiving is.
Manny, the owner of Smoke Alley, and Kathy, the hostess with the mostess.

This is the coolest dune buggy ever. It floats effortlessly over the rocky, beat-up roads. Charles decided to strap himself in thinking that if he did so he would get a ride. However, no one was willing to leave the feast, so Charles sat for a long time and just pouted.
On deck: Two Dutchmen, A Spanish-Portugese Caribbean, and two New -Yorkans.

This is the best island drink ever; family members will confirm. Ting is dy-no-MITE!

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  1. I want some TING. COME BACK SOON! Ellie is counting down already. I'm so NOT kidding. Sophia has been [sorely] missed.