Thursday, July 16, 2009

Attention Bored People and Competitors of a Hungry Kind

Ok, all you competitors, here is an exciting afternoon activity for you! I thought I would let you examine the list of items for contribution to the Goldenrock Elementary School Picnic. Spellings have been typed as written on the form.

This delicious cheesecake was NOT on the list of items to contribute, but I think every post needs a photo or no one will read it...

See how many you recognize and report back. Please include specifics on how you think it must be made, as in, don't say macaroni pie is pie made out of macaroni. No smart alecs will be be considered for prizes! That means you, Dave! Winner will be announced in an upcoming post, and the prize will be.....TBA!

1. Bami

2.Spare Ribs

3. Goatmeat

4. Potato salad (a freebie)


6. Pastechi

7. Bitterball

8. Stuffed eggs

9. Nasi

10. Baked chicken leg

11. Macaroni pie

12. Peas and Rice (and you must specify what KIND of peas...)

13. pick in the blanket

14. Croquette

Good luck and happy eating~
Now get going, Kim!


  1. OK, I'll play but I'm DQ'd as I cheated
    1-young motherless deer
    2-BBQ pork ribs
    3-Curried goat?
    4-Potatoes, eggs in mayo or dressing
    5-fried dough?
    6-I actually cheated and googled this so I know it
    7-Googled this also. Cute name for something common. And ask me what the name means, because I know.
    8-Deviled eggs
    9-Googled this also
    10-Jerk chicken leg?
    11-Googled it
    12-Googled it, but it is a trick question, what "kind of peas?"
    13-Hot dog in a bun?
    14-A game you play at a picnic, ha. No, I'd guess it's some kind of fish pattie or ball deep fried
    Miss you

  2. 1. Fred & Wilma Flinstone's oldest boy.
    2. You need a slingshot and marble per Connely
    3. You are the expert milker
    4. An idaho favorite
    5. just stop off at your local Dunk'in
    6. Does it rhyme with Pastechi
    7. My favorite around Thanksgiving
    8. Seems impossible
    9. You have Germans on the Island?
    10. Ok...that one is easy...Chicken that's cooked
    11. Real good if you add Tuna
    12. I'm guessing the green kind
    13. Huh???
    14. The process used to make Sweater?

  3. Grant, that is going to be tough for anyone to beat! We are lol here so bad!

  4. 1. Bami - a dish of fried bread with a bean topping (like a super thick burrito)
    2.Spare Ribs - From a goat. To be dipped in mango-a-la-gogo sauce. Mangoes must be dried on your kitchen wall.
    3. Goatmeat - Extra meat bits the islanders find in their go-tees. Must be cleaned before eating.
    4. Potato salad (a freebie)- Potatoes, curdled goat milk, and juice of the mustard plant mixed together.
    5.Doughnuts - Local nuts dipped in fried dough. Must be covered in powered sugar and eaten with fresh goat milk.
    6. Pastechi - Toasted bread with pasta sauce.
    7. Bitterball - Harry Potter's favorite dessert. It is cakelike and very bitter to the tongue upon first taste, but will melt into a buttery/caremelly delight as it goes down the throat. It resembles American doughnuts.
    8. Stuffed eggs - Turtle eggs stuffed with seaweek and molusk with some tomatoes and cilantro for extra flavoring. Use sand for garnish.
    9. Nasi - A fruity drink that is drunk through the nostrils. Don't ask how this is possible, but it is. Non-alchoholic, nondope.
    10. Baked chicken leg - Chicken leg baked in melted sand. The chicken must be caught by 10-14 year old boys.
    11. Macaroni pie - Macaroni noodles mixed with goat cheese and pressed into a pot with turtle egg yolks to help keep it together. After pressing firmly into the pot, the chunk of noodles is extracted and baked at 400 degrees.
    12. Peas and Rice - Green beans (baby beans - not greenbeans) roasted in salt and vinegar and mixed with natural rice. Must add mushed bananas to get the best flavor.
    13. Pick in the blanket - The best pick of the wild hog herd, roasted on a spit and packed into bean-mush. Coat with mustard-a-la-vine.
    14. Croquette - an unedible source of nutrition.

  5. Dear Miss Robin :) You nailed it - can I come to your house for dinner? I am most looking forward to fly strips......I mean dired mango from the kitchen wall.

  6. Ok...I am the dumb sibling obvious by my spelling :) but....dired still works.

  7. I am quite late on this - we don't really have communications at home, and we won't for at least another week.

    I also don't really know what this is about; but, I can make comments, too:

    1. venison (Disney's idea)

    2. when yours fail

    3. what comes off after shaving a tiny beard

    4. Potato salad (i might have this one right)

    5. flour peanuts?

    6. spaghetti pronounced while eating flour peanuts

    7. a really twisted sort of candy

    8. chicks that are born pregnant? Like tribbles

    9. world war 2 is over, folks

    10. when you don't use sunscreen on the beach

    11. what clowns in the caribbean use instead

    12. lentils and grain?

    13. where your boogers go at night time

    14. that dumb game that Robin always wins


    -B B