Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breaking News

(and NO! I am not announcing Michael's death! )

Attention all friends:
Anyone who knows me will understand when I tell you that I am submitting these blogs out of order. I am just an out-of -order person. Not orderless, nor odorless, but just a little out of order. So I want to announce that there will be postings below that have been submitted out of order. I started several but had a hard time downloading pictures, so I am submitting them late. You will have to scroll down if want to see them.

Today's forecast: sunny, breezy
I miss: carpet, jelly bellies, and a CD player
I don't miss: the dad gum "dry heat"
I am happy for: Parrots flying over the ocean, 50 mangoes ripening on the porch wall
I look forward to: experiencing Carnival, a sunny, breezy forecast

Count them. Fifty.

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