Saturday, June 6, 2009

Advanced warning!

Hello, Friends.
I am fully aware of the blog that has been published by Connely, which follows this one, so I should preface it by giving you a little background.

The first day we arrived at the island were amazed at the beauty, yet somewhat primative feel of the island. Here, animals walk around the island freely without fear. there are no predators on the island. So there are wild donkeys, cows, chickens, goats and sheep that roam freely, grazing on anyone's garden who is foolish enough to not have a fence.

Now, where we live there is a lot of places for a boy to explore. Our house that we rent has an acre or so, and there is a huge empty field across the road and each house that is in the community here up on the Quill has at least an acre or two. And there is nothing for a boy to fear, because like I said, there are no predators.That is, except in this case the boy became the predator.

See, Connely is the proud owner of a slingshot. And Connely got up early the second day and decided to go about the neighborhood.

There is another important piece of this story. Ed told the boys that meat here is expensive and that it can be handled badly because of shipping so that if they wanted it they would have to hunt it. He was saying it in half jest. But the boy Connely, A.K.A. "The Carnivore" took the challenge very, very seriously!

So that fateful morning he set out for a chicken and within a short period of time (while his mother was sleeping) he got one!

This was much to the horror of his mother and the pride of his father. After all, Ed says, a boy has to hunt. Mom screamed for a good half hour at the horror of a poor dead chicken in the yard, then at the boy for being so disillusioned as to have believed his father's instructions to kill, then to the father for the carelessness of his words and then to all of them for the mess they were making in the yard, and yada yada yada....

At the end of the day we had chicken soup. I only ate it because Connely was sooo proud, I couldn't let him down. But I confess, it was pretty tasty. And Connley was elevated halfway to the status of manhood .


  1. Laura, you should quit your day job and just write. You funny!!!!!!! Connley too. How's it going? What's your address?

  2. As long as Connely will clean the chickens, let him keep hunting. Then he needs to learn how to spear fish. He never would have learned that at Mercury Mine.

  3. That is truly awesome! Oh how we miss you but I'm thrilled that you have a blog. What is your e-mail and I'll send you an invite to read ours. We are doing well, packing and headed to Kansas City on Saturday. We're thrilled! Good luck keeping up with the wild game! :)

  4. Congrats on making it there safely! We love and miss you - it took me a bit to realize that is a chicken he is holding! why...uh paradigm shift maybe? We can't wait to experience the "swiss family robinson" for ourselves! You really are hysterical! Lisa

  5. Yay! You're blogging! This entry made us laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Do you still have the same email address?

    I'm having a long, slow, early labor. I've been contracting lightly for days now (doesn't hurt) and I'm at 2 cm. Aaaaany minute now...

  6. That's amazing and disgusting at the same time. I love it!


  7. Keep up the good work Connely.
    a chicken a week sound like the ticket.

  8. Great story Connely. Izzie and Samie loved it too. They are busy snoozing away the summer days but will email you soon.

    Lisa Mirghani