Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are you ready for MAD house?

These are the words I found posted on a note for me from Stefan the first day I got to Goldenrock Dive. The past two weeks I have had been helping out at the local dive shop while the owners, Glen and Michele, were at a dive show in Miami. What a great two weeks! The shop is small and located right on the shore. Stefan, our Dutch friend, is the dive master and instructor.
Basically my job was to help Stefan with whatever he needed, answer phones, help out the customers, and wipe eye goobers out of Glen and Michele's beloved brown lab, Duncan.

There were so many interesting people that came to the shop to dive, there was never a dull moment. Ok, there were a few that occurred while Stephan was out on the dives, but those were spent napping in a hammock outside the shop, overlooking the ocean. Oh, dreadful life!

We assisted customers from exotic place, such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil, and Detroit, Michagin.

Ethan went with me each day and was able to do school because internet was connected there. However, he didn't really do much school. This was also the week that, due to the generosity of some dear friends, both Connely and Ethan were able to started on their dive certification!

Stefan instructs the boys on their dive gear .

Charles and his new friend Rowan , waiting for the dive show to begin.

Sophia came after school was out and played with Duncan.

Duncan is a swell mate and fine swimmer in the high seas

Getting ready for their first jump in the water. Getting final instruction from the Master Diving scuba Instructor. It is important to note that in this word there is a BIG difference between master and instructor. First level is master, the next level is instructor. And if you are the most qualified and have the most training you are a master diving scuba instructor. Voila, Stefan!

One great thing about moving away from everyone you know is that you get a chance to reinvent yourself. Connely changed his name to "Kai", since it is very difficult for locals to pronounce his given name. Scott, a new med student, joins Ethan and Connely in certification. He now goes by "Scubascott" or just "Scube". Scubascott, Scubakai, and ScubaE.

Here I am trying to pretend I have something important to do. Actually, I am just sitting on the quad because the seat is much softer than the dock. I never even drove it...

I have an itch right underneath...

If you see a shark, pop him in the nose, right between the eyes!

Checking to see if the heart is still beating

Some final instructions

Ready, set.....

Aaaaar, Jump right here, divers, right into the dinghy!


The real driver of the quad, Bion, a boy who works at the suba shop. He is from the Dominican Republic, and is in training to be a dive master

What Charles did to entertain himself since he wasn't invited to dive.
Anyone want to come visit yet?

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