Friday, November 27, 2009

Announcing the winner and a new list!

OK, since no one has commented on the last post (despite much whining about not posting enough blogs) I am going to assume that you are all sick and tired of reading about how much darn fun we are having on the ocean. I am going to have to send you some photos and posts about the real lifestyles of your rich and famous Packards. In the meantime, I hereby commit to post no more beach photos. I know it is making you all mad and resentful.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Dave Buck for winning the last list contest (only 5 months ago!) It was a very close run, with Robin only being beat out because of Dave's single best response to the challenge: Describe the food labeled "picks in blanket", to which Dave responded "where your boogers go at night". Slam dunk.

Now for a new list! Check out the names of some of children in Charles' kindergarten class (all names are spelled correctly):

Sineille Lieuw

Wenson Saladin

Zique Pandt

Deshendree Jack

Xaviera Smith

Reeshandres Mercera

Madani Berkel

Ra'myah Brown

Jertino Marsdin

Raishel Lopes

Shamaria Schmidt

Kayvaughn James


Chanel Scmidt

Nusjheeli De Graf

Amarykecia Busby

Dejeanee Maduro

Khadija Skeete

Giovandris Harrigan

and there are more....The dogs tend to have names like Fergie, Tilly, Buster, and Roxy. I can pronounce those.

Any one getting any new baby name ideas????


  1. He he. You've given us some new ideas. Can you imagine a Khadija Cranney (is that a boy's name???)? By the way, I loved the last blog entry but for some reason couldn't get my comment through. Was that really Ethan? He looks like a teenager!

  2. Khadija is a real Arabic name. It was the name of the prophet Muhammad's first wife. These days most people named Khadija are old ladies.

  3. there are lots of Muslim students on the island. It is quite possible that the name was borrowed from a student by a local. As you can see from the list, they are into originality. The funny thing is, that IS the ENTIRE ist. There are no Sams,Kayla's, or Ryans! NONE!

  4. I think no one commented on your last post because it was posted out of order as an October post for some reason.

    I won! What did I win?

    I don't mind beach pictures, I like them... though I think I might be jealous if you were living in a little cabin on the side of a barely inhabited, green mountain. :]


  5. Love the beach pictures! Here in rain soaked Seattle, the people are going crazy (we keep making national news for all the wrong reasons)...

    Please keep us distracted with more beach pictures.

  6. Wow - I thought San Diego was nice. It looks as though you are having a wonderful time. We miss you. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

    Love Grant and Laura.