Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Last Saturday night, a dyslexic Laura turned 14 years old. The occasion was celebrated along with Charles' 5th birthday. There were pirates, a treasure hunt, barbeque ribs, chicken and shrimp, a pirate cake; it was crazy. Our dutch friends, Wim, Petra, and Stefan were invited to celebrate and they sang their version of happy birthday.

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  1. Happy birthday girlfriend!! Sherry & I Just celebrated Mine (from July) Last week! Of course we celebrated yours at the same time! We went to costa Vida & spent all our change keeping Owen & Porter busy with the fountain & candy machines! 1.5 weeks to marathon! Can we say chaffing??? Girl we need to talk! You are the only one who warned me! Body Glide & Vaseline are my best friends! Should I be writing this in private? Lisa