Thursday, May 21, 2009

The black Spot

Today I am quite sure that my ship has sunk.

I know it. I could see it a mile away.

Picture this drama: A warm, seemingly inconsequential day at the beach. Renee, the med student-island -animal -advocate walking toward me decidedly. A cute nine-year old girl skipping aside of her with a giant smile on her face. A tiny, multi-colored ball of fur cradled in her palm. two giant shiny grey eyes placed directly on that ball of fur. getting closer. Crooked teeth smiling bigger and, piggy tails bouncing higher, the fur is beginning to take a clear form. One I have seen before. I take my new glasses off, sure that they are decieving me. Maybe if if I blink it will go away.

"Mom, look what renee found! She's all alone and she's sooooooo ca-youte! Can we keep her can we keep her can we keep her? Pleeeeeeeze! pretty pleeze? PA_LEEEEEZE!"

I think it was all a ploy

Spot and her favorite horse- toy

I am trying not to glare at Renee......we've done this before. Everyone knows how desperate we were until only a day before moving out of our house to find a home for our two cats (thanks Partridges and Kauffmans). I can feel it, I can see it. but then comes the poor- little- thing -she'll -be- euthanized schpiel. yeah I know that one too. She'll starve. She'll get hit. She'll be eaten by the Chinese. Yeah, I've heard them all.

In the end I am a sucker. She is purring the instant she is placed in my hands. Everyone knows I wanted another baby anyway. here she is. The little calico with a giant black spot on the back of her neck. A perfect name for the Caribbean-pirate kiss of death.


  1. I love her! She's adorable.
    I want a cat so bad, I'm tempted to get one and hide it in my room here at school