Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In order to get some fresh island coconut, you will have to follow these steps. Just remember, this form is made for FRESH ISLAND coconut, not the garbage that you get from the store. But, if you really want, you can use your chewy, ten day old junk. It will not be the same.

First get you coconut. If you have one with a husk, then it is better. It keeps the treasure inside clean and fresh. Then go and get your machete that should be lying around somewhere near. If you do not have one then go and look around on the ground. You will find one soon. Thats how we found both of ours.

Now go and take your anger out on the coconut with your machete! Tear it apart! Rip off the husks! Get WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you should have ripped off the husk. You should also feel much better. Your coconut sould be nice and neat. It should look like a normal coconut now. Carefully crack the hard shell and peel out the coconut inside. It should come out with a soft shell on the cake. Leave it there. It will not affect the taste.

This is the peeled coconut. Rinse it off and get ready for the next step.

Now get out your grater and grate it to shreds. You should grate it with the grater that you would normally grate carrots with except with the smaller version.

When you are done then you should have a nice big plateful of coconut. If you are using it in something sugary of sweet then you can use it just like that. otherwise just mix it up with powdered sugar.

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  1. Yum! In Ecuador, they take the young coconuts (while they are green) and cut a hole in the top and put a straw in it. You can drink the agua de coco directly from it and it is heavenly!!!!!